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From a lead buyer's perspective the affiliate marketing industry is full of walls, complex contracts, and many unknowns.  Networks are income driven and they often put short term goals ahead of sustainable growth. Quality feedback is difficult when it’s not clear how many publishers are driving the traffic to your website and, more importantly, where that traffic of clicks is coming from.

You're either spending money with traditional marketing where you have a lot of control but poor ROI, or you've tried affiliate marketing and you got screwed over with quality and compliance issues. If you are an industry that purchases leads or sales, it is only a matter of time until you experience this.

Let Transparent Ads show you a better way to doing affiliate marketing. We share your interests and make them our priority. At Transparent Ads, we go beyond passing meaningless affiliate IDs to your reports; instead we send you an actual description of each publisher that is available to run your campaign. You can select who you think is the best match to run your campaign or let us use our combined 20 years of industry knowledge to help you.

Let us be your clear solution to sustainable growth.