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Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, April Pollock moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to begin her career in online marketing and never looked back. Her vast experience ranges from managing affiliates, to being an advertiser and buyer of traffic, to also being an affiliate herself.  April is excited to be a part of the Transparent Ads team and bring her diverse knowledge of all traffic channels and verticals to the table. 

Josh Hammack has had a long diverse career. He brings a number of valuable assets to the marketing community. Josh served in the United States Marines and was Honorably discharged at the rank of sergeant. He holds two Masters’ Degrees and is a PHD Candidate in US History. Josh has a vast background in technology; working for a time as a Network Administrator for a private university. Transparent Ads continues to break all revenue projections and has over 300 advertiser relations. Josh is available to discuss business opportunities and excited to continue growing Transparent Ads. Currently, Josh has taken on the the Director of Business Development role


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Tom Hegedosh graduated Temple University with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. Tom started his marketing career in 2012 as a technical analyst for another network, where he soon graduated to head of operations, and then to affiliate management for 2 years. Transparent Ads was founded by Tom and Josh in 2015 to add value through the basic principle of transparency and sustainability. Tom is involved on all sides of the business.

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